Tex Print USA, LLC.

Tex Print USA, llc., an American Textile Printer residing in the North East Region of the USA close to the famed NYC Garment District.  We cater to all markets including Missy, Junior, Children, Men, Athleticwear, Swimwear, Intimate, Home Fashion, Hospitality, Accessory, Dancewear, Automotive, and more. 

We have over 45 years of industry experience led by our founder and CEO Edward Margarucci Sr.  Edward began his career in the 1960's gaining knowledge and expertise in fabric construction and performance to various printing techniques.  In 1978 he started his first Transfer print operation in Paterson NJ, the once textile capital of the world.  In 2010, with the additions of Edward Margarucci Jr. and Ginetta Marino, Edward started Tex Print USA, llc., which is a company geared to and proud to be manufacturing printed fabric in the United States of America.


Elaine Ferguson Designs and Tex Print USA have teamed up to bring you design and production capabilities all under one umbrella.  Elaine Ferguson, founder of Elaine Ferguson Designs has been in the industry for over 40 years.  With Elaine Ferguson Designs and Tex Print USA your product ideas can be brought from conception to reality.  Allow us the opportunity to bring your imagination to life.


Tex Print USA, llc. is within a short drive to the highly regarded NYC Garment District.  Being so close to the forefront of fashion has given us an edge on trends and what is fresh in the market. 


Our facility has full sized loading docks with room for multiple large sized containers, allowing for quick and efficient delivery and shipping of your materials.  We also have 90,000 square feet of space with inventory locations digitally accessible and maintained daily. 


With 24 hour production capablitiy you are ensured that your orders will be produced in time to meet your delivery needs.  We pride our selves on being able to turn goods quickly with the flexibility you need, all the while maintaining superb quality. 


Each machine we operate has been custom modified by the expertise of Edward Sr. to ensure consistancy and superior quality.  There is no run too small or too large that our machinery can't handle. 


We have a full library of fabrics and patterns in stock and access to a multitude of designs and fabrics that can be sourced quickly. 


Being consious of our environment, all of our used materials are recycled to cut down our carbon footprint.